Play Mad Truck Challenge Special Online

Mad Truck Challenge Special is an enchanting but intense playfield. In one of the newest races, you’d better defeat opponents and turn into the last standing man.

Mad Truck Challenge Special contains awesome battles

Although it’s about racing, you can take part in many fights when you access Mad Truck Challenge Special unblocked. Hence, you need to reach the finish line before other people while fighting against and making them disappear.

Mad Truck Challenge Special full screen allows the player to show their tricks

Aside from driving a monster truck in this car racing game, you are able to speed up. Boosting your speed will help you escape from stronger enemies or catch up with weaker targets. Meanwhile, you can flip and launch hits.

Play Mad Truck Challenge Special online and you are capable of using upgrades. But, you must find out ways to unlock them. Then, you can customize your vehicle with upgrades. Actually, it’s effective to level up its performance.

Obviously, it’s completely possible to do whichever you like including attacking and clearing competitors. Therefore, remember to make use of every tool and possibility that you have! Furthermore, you should launch available rockets in time so you can beat the rest.

Mad Truck Challenge Special full screen allows the player to enjoy every race in a comfortable way. Let’s participate in the latest match and open up upgrades in the shortest time! It’s not too difficult to control your truck. Accelerate and you can begin to experience the first stage!