Play Mad Day Special Online

Mad Day Special is a fun game including plenty of battles and various upgrades. You start as Bob and you need to destroy as many aliens as possible to stay alive.

Mad Day Special provides you with various tools to fight

It is a fantastic Mad Day game where you have to take control of a car, a gun, and other items in a careful way. In fact, they are very helpful for you to overcome every difficulty along the track.

So, they comprise guns, gadgets, and even jumps. You should launch these means properly and you can conquer each battle in a short time. In other words, there are lots of obstacles aside from your foes.

Not only that, it’s easy for you to do a double jump or move on foot whenever the rival demolishes your vehicle. Therefore, you ought to prepare well so as to continue your journey.

Mad Day Special is a great driving game with upgrades

Mad Day Special unblocked actually consists of upgrades. It means that you are capable of upgrading your tools and growing stronger. Moreover, they are effective for you to remove alien bandits sooner when you know how to utilize them. But, you must remain alive and advance in levels first.

Mad Day Special racing game is available on the web browser and mobile platforms. Besides, it brings simplistic controls. Are you ready to hop into the battlefield and prove your abilities from driving to shooting? Fend off the enemy now!