Play Car Eats Car Underwater Adventure Online

Car Eats Car Underwater Adventure unblocked is a fun racing and action game. You will drive your quirky car to overcome obstacles in the water and rescue your friends.

Are you ready for the most dangerous and difficult trips? This car driving game will make you excited with crazy and different racing gameplay. The game setting is the waterbed, where you will meet opponents such as crabs, shells, tail fish and more. Show your racing skills to pass them all and win!

Your journey in this car x car list game will go through many levels with escalating challenge. In each level, your mission is to get to the end. To do that, you need to master the car controls and have a smart strategy. You need to eliminate the tailgating opponents to protect your HP.

To drive in Car Eats Car 3d you just need to use the keys. But with realistic physics, controlling and balancing your car is not easy. Moreover, the obstacles are the biggest danger to your car. But you can take advantage of them to create explosions and eliminate opponents in the back.