Play Car Eats Car Evil Cars Online

Play Car Eats Car Evil Cars unblocked and join the fiercest chase. Police cars are behind and dangerous obstacles are ahead of you, what will you do to overcome them?

This time, you are an evil car being hunted by police cars and civilian cars. So now you have a breathtaking car racing full of challenges on the track. Each level in this Car Eats Car game will test your talent and survival strategy. Forward, backward, balance, drop bombs and more your way to victory!

Watch out for obstacles in front of you like wooden crates, oil valves and more. They can make you explode but are also useful things like your weapons. You can take advantage of them to eliminate stalkers. Moreover, you can drop bombs and use turbo for instant boost.

Car Eats Car 2 used to be a storm but now is the era of Car Eats Car Evil Cars. You will learn how to race like a real criminal to conquer all levels and challenges. But the challenge is getting harder, requiring your constant progress. So, don’t hesitate to upgrade your car in this Car Eats Car multiplayer.