Car Eats Car 3D download offers amazing tracks for you to drive your hungry car and encounter alien cars. Prepare yourself for fierce bumps and explosions!

Car Eats Car 3D mod APK is the first 3D game in the series of survival racing games. It gives you the best cars to take part in the super exciting demolition derby wars.

This time, you will become the savior of humanity when participating in the fight against the alien car army. You have many ways to do it, such as your hungry car, drones, bombs and more. Each weapon has its own strengths to give you an edge, choose the one that suits you perfectly.

Car Eats Car 3D Multiplayer
Car Eats Car 3D Multiplayer

Like previous games, Car Eats Car 3D Alien Racing will bring you into survival races. You need to move wisely to dodge the obstacles and run away from the crazy chasers. Besides, you can use your weapons to trap enemies, destroy them and gain control of the track.

This time, the game offers a rich collection of vehicles and weapons. There are more than 10 cars with different stats on turbo, speed, damage, armor and more. You can upgrade them to improve these stats, and add necessary equipment and weapons like bombs, rams, and more.

Everyone is looking forward to the Car Eats Car 3D release date and it is officially here. This game will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen with attractive gameplay and vivid design. Check out the fun hunger cars and the wide range of effects that follow your race tracks!

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Car Eats Car 3D racing here. It is the new and authentic survival racing journey that anyone has been waiting for. Drive your car and conquer the alien enemies! So, it’s time to face the most terrifying bosses you’ve never seen on the race.

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