Play Car Eats Car 2 Online

Car Eats Car 2 racing game is the continuation of the first hit survival racing game. It will make you excited with fun racing levels but equally challenging and crazy.

This Car Eats Car 3D game consists of many levels and each level is a long distance race. There, your task is to drive to the destination to complete the request and get the bonus. But on that journey, you will encounter a lot of obstacles who are slopes, big cars and even annoying traps.

But you have plenty of cool stuff to get through it all in Car Eats Car 2 mod apk download. You will use turbo and various bombs to eliminate enemies. Besides, you can take advantage of the terrain and things on the road for leverage. If you help a certain car, he also becomes a useful companion.

Moreover, you should try to collect as many rubies as possible. They are the most expensive currency in Car Eats Car 2 unblocked. They will help you upgrade your vehicle’s stats to become stronger and ready to conquer the toughest obstacles in levels.