Play Online unblocked 3d battle royale and join the exciting survival battle. Your mission is to try to be the only survivor on the map to become the best survivor.

If you want to play a 3D shooter game like PUBG Mobile but in a simpler way, this game is for you. Here you will have exciting online survival battles where everyone has the same goal, which is to be the only survivor. Therefore, the competitiveness is indisputable, countless challenges are waiting for you. You will start your battle with a flight, after that, you will land in the map area. Here, you will join 99 other players in a long battle, which is only for the strongest survivors. Try to collect many valuable items wherever you go, from houses to buildings, forest areas, rivers, lakes … They can be guns, bullets, armor, backpacks, medicine… and they are the most important things to keep you alive in this pixel battle royale game.

What kind of fighting style do you prefer, direct attack or raid? Each fighting style will determine your actions, which in turn affects the outcome of the battle. If you are a player who likes to attack, try to collect as many valuable items and find crowded areas. Here, you will have very interesting and fierce confrontations to prove your talent. Meanwhile, if you are a player who prefers safety, the less populated areas will be the right destination for you in bois io unblocked. But remember, you can’t avoid battles, it’s inevitable to decide the winner. So always be ready for any confrontation with other players in this multiplayer io game.